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Jadosnuri game (2008)
Magic Night

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Short Feature Film , 3 Part (25 Minutes) , Mini DV
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Directors: Dali Vashakidze, Ushangi Sikharulidze
Screenplay: Dali Vashakidze
Director of Photography: Revaz Akhvlediani   
Sound: Yuri Gorski 
Cast: Nino Khijakadze, Luka Qarchava, Keti Gvaladze, Mari Khachapuridze, Giorgi Makharashvili, Sopho Chankvetadze, Zviad Tabatadze, Anzor Khutsishvili
Ushangi Sikharulidze

Fairy-tale, magic world is an integral part of inner world of every child. The wishes made on the night before the birthday reflect delicate soul of a little girl, Niniko and is expressed in a beautiful and magic dreams. The film characters fight against evil and defeat it with the aid of kindness and freinds. It helps Niniko to change for the better her attitude towards her friends.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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