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Sami sakhli (2008)
Three Houses

(Three short storys)
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Feature Film , , 10 Part (96 Minutes) 
LTD Film Studio “Independent Film Project”, Georgian National Film Center

Director: Zaza Urushadze
Screenplay: Zaza Urushadze
Directors of Photography: Giorgi Shvelidze, Giorgi Beridze
Production Design: Tea Telia 
Music: Giorgi Tsintsadze
Sound: Paata Godziashvili
Editing: Alexander (Alik) Kuranov

The film consists of three novels united by a story of the picture encompassing three cenuries.
The scene of the first story is set at the end of 19-th century in an old family house. Head of the family acts as if his deceased wife was still alive and lived with him.
The scene of the second story is set in 20th century, against the background of the Second World War. Wife of a Soviet general finds her husband dead in the apartment of his mistress. The mistress is faced with the danger of execution by a firing squad.
The third story (21st century) is about a young resident of town forced to betray his principles because of love. of slavery. They try to forget that for many years they have not seen their husbands and children who have become so accustomed to receiving money from America that they seem not even looking forward to the women’s returning home.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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