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Reversi (Ubralod tamashi) (2006)

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Feature Film , Comedy, 6 Part (60 Minutes) , Video
Georgian National Film Center, TAIA Group ltd., TV Company ”Imedi”
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Director: Dimitri (Dito) Tsintsadze
Screenplays: Dimitri (Dito) Tsintsadze, Ketevan Galdavadze, Giorgi (Miriani) Mirianashvili
Director of Photography: Giorgi Beridze
Production Designs: Giorgi Chkuaseli, Magda Goliadze, Kote Mefarishvili  
Sound: Guram Gogua
Editing: Alexander (Alik) Kuranov
Cast: Marisha Maisuradze (Marisha), Giorgi Nakashidze (Giorgi), Kakha Abuashvili (Kabu), Giorgi Kipshidze (Giorgi), Irakli Cholokashvili (Cholo), Nanka Kalatozishvili, Eka Nijaradze, Nino Galdavadze, Anni Chiqviladze, Vika Giorgobiani, Maka Dzagania, Teko Chubinidze, Anni Gamsakhurdia, Eliso Julakidze, Nutsa Tsintsadze, Dimitri (Dito) Tsintsadze
Ketevan Galdavadze

The film starts at one typical flat in Tbilisi, where four boys are playing poker. At the end of the game one of them begins to talk about woman, everybody is onvolved in the conversation and finally the imaginary woman appears in the room. This is the starting point of the film where two worlds become vivid – irreal and real. The four gays start their stories with the woman of their imagination in the irreal world, where she is treated with passion, love and at the same time derogatorily. At the end of the film reality subtitles irreal world and the main character woman takes revenge on the four gays.

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