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Shuri (2000)
The Envy

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Short Feature Film , 2 Part (11 Minutes) , Beta SP
LTD "Kiazo 1999"

Director: Zaza Merabishvili
Screenplay: Maia Tsulaia
Director of Photography: Ketevan Nozadze
Production Design: Ushangi Imerlishvili   
Editing: Archil Lazariashvili
Cast: Dodo Chichinadze, Renzo Martensi, Vera Mgeladze

The film star of the 1940s, with the wonderfully rich past, spends her remaining days in loneliness. In the house full of old furniture and a collection of photos, the elderly lady lives in captivity of her past. Nobody needs her today. In her extreme poverty she cannot aff ord simple pleasures, such as buying a bun, neither can she fulfi l any other wish. Such existence gives rise to base feelings. Her sudden envy towards the young lovers may absolutely change their fate.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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