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Cheri anu daumtavrebeli filmis masala (2003)
The Roof or the Unfinished Film Material

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Feature Film, 2 Series , 12 Part (112 Minutes) 
Georgian National Film Center

Director: Rezo Esadze
Screenplays: Rezo Kveselava, Rezo Esadze
Directors of Photography: Levan Paatashvili, Davit Gujabidze, Giorgi Gersamia
Production Designs: Giorgi (Gogi) Miqeladze, Rezo Esadze  
Sound: Madona Tevzadze
Editing: Neli Devnozashvili

Any civil war destroys spirituality. It truly is a tragedy, especially for a small country like Georgia. This film-mystery shows the situation in Georgia from 1992 to 2003 and is made using the stream of consciousness technique.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center

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