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Aris aseti qvekana (2003)
There is such a country

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Feature Film , , 8 Part (75 Minutes) , Beta Cam
Studio "Aperkoti"
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Director: Levan Anjafaridze
Screenplay: Levan Anjafaridze
Director of Photography: Levan Pataraia
Production Design: Gia Laferadze 
Music: Kako Vashalomidze
Sound: Gari Kuntsevi
Editing: Vasil Gabunia

The film, made in the best traditions of a tragic-comedy, tells about the contemporary life with a lot of irony. The film refl ects certain social and political problems of the Georgian reality: homeless children, Georgian young people trying to escape abroad, representatives of the old intelligensia and so on.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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