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Angelozis gadafrena (2000)
The migration of the angel

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Feature Film , Drama, 8 Part (75 Minutes) 
Studio "noe", JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"

Director: Nodar Managadze
Screenplays: Amiran Chichinadze, Nodar Managadze
Director of Photography: Leri Machaidze
Production Design: Jemal Mirzashvili  
Sound: Zurab Nadaraia 
Cast: Nino (Nutsa) Maisuradze, Gvantsa Maisuradze, Amiran Chichinadze, Nino Koridze, Dimitri Jaiani, Temur Bichiashvili, Zurab Abzianidze, Liana Khoshtaria
Nodar Managadze

The film describes a country, where the old has been destroyed while the new is not constructed yet. In a strange, aquarium-like railway station people of diff erent social background have gathered, so chaos rules. The situation is aggravated by a series of senseless murders but the investigation brings more confusion to the already totally lost crowd. Th e events are seen through the eyes of little twin sisters.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center

  • (2001).

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