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6 da 7 (Mistikuri drama, Adami da Evas sulier istoriaze) (2003)
"6 and 7" (Spiritual story about Adam and Eve)

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Feature Film , 7 Part, 1876 Meter (67 Minutes) , DOLBI SRD
Georgian National Film Center
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Director: Geno Tsaava
Screenplay: Geno Tsaava
Directors of Photography: Mikheil Mednikovi, Badri Barqaia
Production Designs: Geno Tsaava, Vakhtang Berikashvili, Soso Nadiradze 
Music: Vakhtang Berikashvili, Nika Tsereteli
Sound: Gari Kuntsevi
Editing: Neli Devnozashvili

The film is about the eternal opposition and unity of positive and negative forces, of good and evil, of light and dark. It is an eff ort to awaken human conscience and heart, to retrieve the lost values, to overcome the troubles of our sinful, material world. The film attempts to demonstrate the ways of achieving perfection with the help of our inner spirituality.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center

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