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Ponto - shavi, shavi zgva (2001)
Pontos - the black, black sea

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Animation Film , 2 Part (15 Minutes) , Beta Cam
Association Studio "televeziri"

Director: Nodar Begiashvili
Screenplay: Nodar Begiashvili 
Production Design: Sopho Kvantaliani 
Music: Ia Sakandelidze   
Computer Graphics/Editing: Otar Tsirkvadze

The animation film is based on children’s drawings. Also, they acted as co-authors of the screenplay and partially dubbed the film which tells of their impressions at seeing the sea for the first time.
"What is the sea? A giant drop of water? "
"The Sea was lying on its back thinking what the sky was and in the end it came to a conclusion that the sky was its own refl ection. The sky thought the opposite."

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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