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Oh, es sashineli, sashineli Televizori (1990)
Oh! This Terrible TV

Has acquainted 14375 Visitors
TV Feature Film , Comedy, 7 Part, 1785 Meter (64 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"

Director: Temur Palavandishvili
Screenplays: Levan Chelidze, Devi Ivanov-Chiqovani, Temur Palavandishvili
Director of Photography: Givi Rachvelishvili
Production Design: Nodar Sulemanashvili 
Music: Gia Kancheli
Sound: Imeri Manjgaladze
Editing: Julieta Tsotsonava

Due to unknown reasons, TV set of the photographer Tazo suddenly starts acting like a clairvoyant. It can tell the upcoming events. Tazo decides to inform the police about it but instead of trusting his words he almost finds himself in the mental institution. Only after his words prove to be correct people start to pay attention.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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