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Danashauli mokhda (1988)
A Crime Was Committed

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Feature Film , 8 Part, 2243 Meter (81 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"
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Director: Nana Mchedlidze
Screenplays: Nana Mchedlidze, Levan Chelidze
Directors of Photography: Yuri Kikabidze, Gia Kusrashvili
Production Design: Jemal Mirzashvili  
Sound: Gia Javakhishvili
Editing: Nazi (Leila) Mukhigulashvili

A group of the loitering youth puts up a brawl in the café. A young sportsman meddles in the fight and cuts it short. The loiterers repeatedly seek to ambush the sportsman to get even, but the latter tries to avoid the encounter and trains for the wrestling tournament. On one occasion the sportsman meets his friend who happens to be in town on his vacation from the army. The friends decide to go to the café. At the sight of the sportsman the hooligans put up another fight. A soldier, who tries to stand in between, falls victim of a stab in the back.

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