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Kolmeurnis Higiena (1934)
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Documentary Film , 2 Part (17 Minutes) 
JSC "Sakhkinmretsvi"

Director: Vakhtang Shvelidze 
Director of Photography: Boris Pumpianski
Production Design: Shalva Mamaladze     

The film was commissioned by Georgia's Health Commissariat. It shows an ideological image of an exemplary soviet citizen. in the beginning the film addresses rural peasantrs to live a cultural life. "Cultural life's core principle is to follow hygiene rules", - these are the words of a young activist woman, the film's heroine, who explains the meaning of cultural life and hygiene to her rural audience. There is various shots of the naked human body that the director uses as an emphasis to the film's main idea.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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