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Lichanishi (2009)
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Documentary Film , 2 Part (13 Minutes) , HDV

Director: Mariam Khachvani
Screenplay: Mariam Khachvani
Director of Photography: Beso Makharashvili   
Sound: Irakli Putkaradze
Editing: Beso Makharashvili, Beqa Miqadze 
Mariam Khachvani

The Svan festival of Lichanishoba is held at the bottom of a mountain in 4 kilometers from Hadishi village. On this day people pray to St.George and ask to be given sons. As the locals say in the families of those who pray are always born boys. And there has been no exception. That’s why the fathers of newborn boys bring pine or fir tree poles of 7-8 meters length the following year. The poles have flags on them with the names of the newborn sons. After the prayer the fathers erect the poles and give their blessings to the boys born that year.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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