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Kvirikoba (2009)
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Documentary Film , 3 Part (23 Minutes) , HDV

Director: Mariam Khachvani
Screenplay: Mariam Khachvani
Director of Photography: Levan Makharadze  
Music: Tamara Jordania
Sound: Irakli Putkaradze
Editing: Beqa Miqadze 
Mariam Khachvani

Lagurka monastery in Kala is located on a high mountain on the right bank of Enguri river. This church was built in 12th century in the epoch of queen Tamar and is the main chapel of Svaneti. The Kvirikoba festival is held each year on 28 July in honour of the mortyr mother and son Ivlita and Kvirike. The Svans offer up sacrifice of a special breed of white bull on the Kvirikoba festival.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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