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Sada Khar, Chemo Suliko (2006)
Where Are You, My Suliko

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Documentary Film , 3 Part (28 Minutes) , PAL DV Cam
Union “StudioMobile - Accent on Action”

Director: Liana Jakeli
Screenplay: Liana Jakeli
Director of Photography: Mikheil Shestovsky
Production Design: Lulu Kalandadze 
Music: Varinka Tsereteli
Sound: Tamar Lezhava
Editing: Mikheil Shestovsky, Liana Jakeli 
Liana Jakeli

The film tells about the still rising popularity of a Georgian song and the history of seemingly deliberate efforts to neglect its author. The story goes back to mid 19th century but continues well into present days. Who wrote the song Suliko and was he or she only the composer?
The film is dedicated to all women who have actively contributed to the social development of the country.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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