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Shin da Ukan (2006)
Home and Back

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Documentary Film , 3 Part (28 Minutes) , Video

Director: Levan Glonti
Screenplay: Nato Zazashvili
Director of Photography: Levan Glonti    
Editing: Levan Glonti, Nodar Begiashvili 
Marina Tabukashvili

Lia, the main character of the film, had diffi cult childhood: her mother was the victim of domestic violence. Now Lia is marries and lives in Tbilisi with her husband and children. Her story is narrated with the help of a long scrutiny technique: Lia arrives in her native village attempting to change the locals’ life style, which is based on violence, and to intoduce love and empathy into their relationships.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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