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Mokhetiale landebi (2007)
Wandering shadows

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Documentary Film , 5 Part (45 Minutes) , Mini DV
Union of National Show-Cinema-Theatre Art Figures

Directors: Ushangi Sikharulidze, Dali Vashakidze
Screenplays: Ushangi Sikharulidze, Dali Vashakidze
Director of Photography: Niko Baghashvili   
Sound: Yuri Gorski
Editing: Yuri Gorski 
Ushangi Sikharulidze
Music: Maia Machabeli

Feature documentary of Wandering Shadows depicts the life of the homeless children and youth, their aspirations and problems and the ways of combating problems and integration into community.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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