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Khomli (2008)
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Documentary Film , 3 Part (28 Minutes) , HDV
Mikrostudio Group

Director: Davit Goguadze
Screenplay: Davit Goguadze
Directors of Photography: Gorgaslan (Goglika) Khaindrava, Nika Lebanidze, Tato Kotetishvili, Jaba Kldiashvili
Production Design: Davit Goguadze  
Sound: Malkhaz (Makho) Sichinava
Editing: Malkhaz (Makho) Sichinava 
Amiran Svimonishvili

The film is about archaeological expedition led by archaeologist Guram Gabidzashvili in May-October 2007 to study rocky range of Khvamli massive and a cavernous fortress. This cavernous fortress was Georgian kings’ treasure house in the Middle Ages. It is mentioned in the chronicle of "Life of Kartli". According to the film authors the Khvamli rock is right the place where Prometheus was chained and where golden fleece was kept.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center

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