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Mokitkhva utkhari saqartvelos (2008)
Give My Regards to Georgia

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Documentary Film , 3 Part (25 Minutes) , Mini DV

Director: Giorgi (Gia) Janelidze
Screenplay: Giorgi (Gia) Janelidze
Directors of Photography: Giorgi (Gia) Janelidze, Giorgi Dvalishvili   
Sound: Vasil (Vasiko) Odishvili
Editing: Kakha Khoshtaria 
Giorgi (Gia) Janelidze

The film is dedicated to the Georgian prisoners of the Second World War – Christephore Kirkitadze, Carlo Inasaridze, Vakhtang Chkhaidze and Ekvtime Endeladze. It is a short emotional story about four Georgian soldiers who were fated to become German soldiers and part with their homeland forever due to the war.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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