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Igor Sanovichi, eskizi portretistvis (2008)
Igor Sanovich, Outlines for Portrait

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Documentary Film , 6 Part (60 Minutes) , Beta Cam
LTD Film Studio “Independent Film Project”

Director: Aleqsandre (Sasha) Rekhviashvili
Screenplay: Aleqsandre (Sasha) Rekhviashvili
Director of Photography: Paata Kereselidze      
Archil Gelovani

A very extraordinary man lives in a small flat in Moscow. His name is Igor Sanovich. He can recognize hidden masterpieces among faceless drawings, oil paintings and handcrafts. During his long lifetime he managed to collect huge collection of creative art pieces of different epochs, cultures and nations. This collection can be referred to as a collection of saved ítems. Igor Sanovich saved those ítems the way one saves human beings. And the survivors have become like members of his family.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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