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Eldar Shengelaya (2008)
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Documentary Film , 5 Part (52 Minutes) , HDB
LTD Film Studio “Independent Film Project”

Director: Dimitri (Dito) Tsintsadze
Screenplay: Dimitri (Dito) Tsintsadze
Director of Photography: Giorgi Shvelidze
Production Design: Tea Telia  
Sound: Irakli Ivanishvili
Editing: Levan Kukhashvili 
Archil Gelovani

A documentary about Georgian filmmaker Eldar Shengelaya. It is a film portrait of a man who managed to create his own style in Georgian cinema and dedicated major portion of his life to the politics. Eldar Shengelaya is speaking in the film about his parents, family, friends, favorite directors who have influenced him to some extent. Present status of the Georgian cinema and the Union of Georgian Cinematographers, which is still chaired by Eldar Shengelaya, is discussed in the film as well.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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