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Fragmentebi Tao-Klarjetis istoriidan (2006)
Fragments From Tao-Klarjeti History

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Documentary Film , 4 Part (38 Minutes) 
Georgian National Film Center

Directors: Karlo Glonti, Levan Glonti
Screenplay: Karlo Glonti
Director of Photography: Irakli Onofrishvili  
Music: Rezo Kiknadze 
Editing: Nodar Begiashvili, Levan Glonti 

In modern Turkey there can be found ruins of an irrigation canal constructed by Georgians in the times of Queen Tamar. In their search for its source, the Georgian expedition came across the ethnic group of Gurji who offer their help. On the way the team explores those Georgian churches and fortresses which are on the Turkish territory, while historian Davit Muskhelishvili tells about their individual stories.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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