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Tskaro gzis piras (1974)
(From the almanac “Under the Shadows of the Trees”)
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Short Feature Film , , 3 Part, 770 Meter (28 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"

Director: Temur Palavandishvili
Screenplay: Revaz (Rezo) Gabriadze
Director of Photography: Dudar Margievi
Production Design: Eduard Lapkovski 
Music: Iakob Bobokhidze
Sound: Vladimer Dolidze
Editing: Julieta Tsotsonava

Pupli, Valerian and Asiko, formerly well-known actors are not in demand these days. The troupe even went on tour without them. They get enthusiastic when they are told one village community wants to invite them in their village. On the way they reminiscence about the good old days and plan their show according to their life in theatre. When they arrive they find out that the real reason for the invitation was a water jet dedicated to the war victims.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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