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Chari rama (1972)
Chari-Rama, Have a Good Time

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Feature Film , 8 Part, 2109 Meter (76 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"

Director: Nikoloz Sanishvili
Screenplays: Gia Badridze, Nikoloz Sanishvili
Director of Photography: Givi Rachvelishvili
Production Design: Nikoloz Kazbegi 
Music: Gomar Sikharulidze
Sound: Otar Gegechkori
Editing: Evgenia Bejanova

The head of the institute’s folk-song circle asks Guram to help him in collecting rare song themes. Guram agrees to return to his native village where he thinks he’ll be able to record the local elders. There he decides to merry Neli but his parents think it is too early for him to marry. Neli’s grandfather also finds their decision a mindless step for he doesn’t quite like Guram and disagrees to the way the young man treats the folk material. Guram wins his heart by inviting Neli to the institute orchestra. Together they perform a song that is broadcasted by TV and the whole village watches them. Preparations for the wedding start the same day…

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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