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Gogona da jariskatsi (1970)
(from the Almanac “The Ball, Gloves and The Captain”)
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Short Feature Film , 2 Part, 556 Meter (20 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"

Director: Temur Palavandishvili
Screenplays: Levan Chelidze, Frangiza Chelidze
Director of Photography: Geno Chiradze
Production Design: Mikheil Mednikovi 
Music: Archil Kereselidze
Sound: Vladimer Dolidze
Editing: Julieta Tsotsonava
Cast: Davit Kvachadze (Givi), Lali Meskhi (Irine), Kakhi Kavsadze, Givi Bumbiashvili, Mzia Maglakelidze

Givi works in the factory, studies in the high school and is considered a good boxer. Givi falls for the retail seller Irine. Givi wants to ascertain the true feelings of the girls and tells her that he likes somebody else. Irine retains her composure and replies that she also has feelings for some other guy. Next day Givi comes to see Irine in the shop but she isn’t there. Brokenhearted Givi abandons training and the institute, having in mind to join the army. He meets Irine at the railway station, but the girl is bound to the other direction.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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