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Abesalom da Eteri (1966)
Abesalom and Eteri

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Feature Film , , 9 Part, 2467 Meter (89 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"
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Director: Leo Esakia
Screenplay: Leo Esakia
Director of Photography: Lev Sukhov
Production Design: Revaz Mirzashvili 
Music: Zaqaria Paliashvili
Sound: Otar Gegechkori
Editing: Vasili Dolenko
Cast: Archil Metonidze (Abesalomi), Lali Khabazashvili (Eteri), Nugzar Sharia (Murmani), Nana Kipiani (Marikhi), Megi Tsulukidze, Aleqsandre Omiadze (Abio), Eter Jordania (Nana), Givi Toronjadze (Tandarukhi), Dato Danelia, Irine Magalashvili, Tamar Tsitsishvili
Songs execute by: Zurab Anjafaridze, Medea Amiranashvili, Tengiz Zeinklishvili, Natela Tugushi, Leila Gotsiridze, Irakli Shushania, D. Jitava, Givi Toronjadze, K. Magradze

Prince Abesalom runs into an orphaned Eteri while hunting, falls for her and brings the woman to his palace as his fiancé. The Prince’s aid Murman loses his self-control at Eteri’s beauty and gives her a spelled necklace as a wedding gift. Eteri contracts a mysterious disease that only Murman is capable to heal. Abesalom can no longer stand Eteri’s suffering and changes his mind to marry her. Murman sets the woman free from the spell and gets married with her. Abesalom cannot recover from the anguish and gets bedridden. Before his death Abesalom asks Murman’s permission to say farewell to Eteri and dies in her arms. Desperate Eteri commits suicide.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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