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Traqtori (2013)
The Tractor

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Short Feature Film , 3 Part (35 Minutes) 
Brotherhood Production

Director: Giorgi Megrelishvili
Screenplay: Giorgi Megrelishvili
Director of Photography: Gela Chinchaladze
Production Design: Giorgi (II) Tavadze 
Music: Davit Evgenidze
Sound: Zezva Pochkhidze
Editing: Archil Lazariashvili

The film is based on a documentary novel "Rendezvous at Vera" by Gizo Nishnianidze. Some people are going to pull down the old library and put up a brothel. Three young men who adore their traditions are desperately trying to protect the building from bulldozing. They are guarding the old building all days and nights.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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