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Bude (2011)

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Short Feature Film , 2 Part (21 Minutes) 
Studio Gemini, Ad Astra Films - France, Georgian National Film Center

Director: Tornike Bziava
Screenplays: Davit Chubinishvili, Tornike Bziava 
Production Design: Giorgi (Gogi) Miqeladze 
Music: Tamara Jordania, Alan Lorens  
Cast: Koka Bziava, Mariam Dovgan, Tornike Gogrichiani
Tinatin Kajrishvili, Sebastien Aubert

Director dedicated his latest work to his old father, who is playing himself in the film.

Once a great chemist, author of many inventions has now grown weak and lost his ability of speech. The only valuable thing for him is his son, who realizes that he cannot devote much time to him and decides to give him some happiness.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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