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Forposti (1941)
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Short Feature Film , , 2 Part, 506 Meter (18 Minutes) 
Tbilisis Kinostudia

Director: Kote Miqaberidze
Screenplays: Ivane Perestiani, Petre Morskoi
Director of Photography: Anton Polikevich
Production Design: Qristesia Lebanidze 
Music: Ivane Gokieli
Sound: Besik Iakobashvili 
Cast: Aleksei Zagorski (Museum director), D. Negina (Wife of director), Anatoli Smiranin (German officer), V. Viazemski (Egorich)

On June 22, 1942, the Germans launch an attack at the museum near the Soviet Union’s western border. The staff does its best to defend the museum. This is the beginning of the Second World War.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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