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Sadarajo jikhuri (1941)
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Short Feature Film , , 2 Part, 598 Meter (22 Minutes) 
Tbilisis Kinostudia

Directors: Diomide Antadze, Aleqsandre Jaliashvili
Screenplays: Konstantine Lortqifanidze, Ilo Mosashvili
Director of Photography: Davit Kandelaki
Production Design: Shalva Mamaladze 
Music: Shalva Mshvelidze  
Cast: Galina Kravchenko (Oqsana), Nikoloz Gorlov (Nikolai), I. Shapovalenko (Mitro), Vasil Balanchivadze

Second World War. A wounded parachutist lands near the railway dispatcher’s kiosk and is sheltered by a dispatcher and his family. Soon, the dispatcher’s daughter-in-law senses something is wrong with a newcomer when the latter can’t recognize the Stalin’s portrait on the wall.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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