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Mamobili (1930)

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Feature Film , Mute/Drama, 6 Part, 1956 Meter (71 Minutes) 
JSC "Sakhkinmretsvi"
The first display on the screen was held 08.03.1931 Year

Director: Grigol Lomidze
Screenplays: Giorgi Mdivani, Viqtor Shklovski
Director of Photography: A. Kazanski
Production Design: Valerian Sidamon–eristavi    
Cast: Dimitri Baqradze (Sergo), M. Dzonati (Maro, wife of Sergo), D. Vardzieli (Aliosha), P. Daguno (Mishiko, driver), Aleqsandre Lortqifanidze (Sandro)

Alyosha, adopted from the orphanage grows in the family of Sergo and Maro. Their happy coexistence is disturbed by Sandro who turns out to be Alyosha’s real father. Sergo divorces his wife and Takes Alyosha with him. The latter confides his story to the pioneers who manage to atone his stepparents.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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