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Chemi bebia (1929)
My Grandmother

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Feature Film , Mute/, 6 Part, 2000 Meter (67 Minutes) 
JSC "Sakhkinmretsvi"
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Director: Kote Miqaberidze
Screenplays: Giorgi Mdivani, Kote Miqaberidze
Directors of Photography: Anton Polikevich, Vladimer Poznan
Production Design: Irakli Gamrekeli    
Cast: Aleqsandre Takaishvili (The Bureaucrat), Bela Chernova (The Bureaucrat's Wife), E. Ovanov (The Doorman), Akaki Khorava (Labourer), Mikheil Abesadze, Konstantin Lavretski, G. Absalimova, Shalva Gedevanishvili, Shalva Khuskivadze

A clerk who’s been just fired tries to find a new job but his contacts are scarce and not reliable. Following his wife’s advice he tries to find a protector or a so-called "Granny" who’ll help him in finding a new job. He finds the one but his hopes crumble when he takes a recommendation letter written by his new "granny" to the boss of his allegedly next working place.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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