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Krazanas bude (1927)
Nest of Wasps

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Feature Film , Mute/Drama, 7 Part, 2000 Meter (72 Minutes) 
JSC "Sakhkinmretsvi"

Director: Ivane Perestiani
Screenplay: Ivane Perestiani
Director of Photography: Aleqsandre Digmelovi
Production Design: Valerian Sidamon–eristavi    
Cast: Marius Jakobini (Jakobi), Ivan Kruchinin (Menager), Marya Shirai (Lastochka), Gaioz Meliava (Lumper proletar), Pavel Yesikovsky (Tramp), Marika Chmshkyan (Rika), N. Qarumidze (Meri), S. Gubin (Secretary), Aleqsandr Shirai (Champion), Arkadi Khintibidze, Kote Andronikashvili

One western company gets extremely rich by smuggling cocaine. In order to disguise its real activities, the company purchases cheap lands and then rents it to unemployed citizens. Jacob, the company’s manager lets a jilted woman marry one of the colonists. Later he attends their wedding ceremony and congratulates the couple. The bride’s father enraged by this fact wants to get even with Jacob, but the latter easily fends off the onset. The astonished colonists organize the rebellion against their oppressors.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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