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Shirvanskaias danashauli (1926)
The Crime of Shirvanskaya

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Feature Film , Mute/Adventure, 6 Part, 1794 Meter (65 Minutes) 
JSC "Sakhkinmretsvi"
The first display on the screen was held 29.09.1926 Year

Director: Ivane Perestiani 
Director of Photography: Aleqsandre Digmelovi
Production Designs: Semion Gubin-gun, Fiodor Push   
Editing: Lev Pushi
Cast: Marya Shirai (Princess Shirvanskaya), Pavel Yesikovsky (Misha), Sofia Jozeffi (Duniasha), Kador Ben-Saib (Tom Jackson), Aleqsandr Shirai (Douglas McLin), Marius Jakobini (Ialmar Rumanesku), Svetlana Luiks (Oqsana), N. Lasmoz (Zina Khanum), Rusudan Jafaridze (Levkoeva), Tamar Baqradze (Wife officier Mironov), R. Jaiani, N. Vendelin

Earli 1920ies. Former owner of oil refineries aristocrat Shirvanskaya advices engineer Maklin, an international hoax, to test new poisonous gas in the Soviet Union. She is determined to sell all her refineries to the westerners but the papers she needs to accomplish her plans are buried in the ground cellar of her former palace. Once in Baku, Shirvanskaya and Maklin pass themselves as circus actors but can’t manage to get hold of the papers. That’s when she decides to burn down all her refineries...

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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