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Savur mogila (1926)
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Feature Film , Mute/Adventure, 7 Part, 2100 Meter (76 Minutes) 
JSC "Sakhkinmretsvi"
The first display on the screen was held 26.08.1926 Year

Director: Ivane Perestiani 
Director of Photography: Aleqsandre Digmelovi
Production Designs: Fiodor Push, Semion Gubin-gun    
Cast: Pavel Yesikovsky (Misha), Sofia Jozeffi (Duniasha), Kador Ben-Saib (Tom Jackson), Svetlana Luiks (Oqsana), A. Bikhova (Marusya), Vladimir Sutyrin (Makhno), Konstantin Ryabov (Taras), Natalya Lisenko, Patvakan Barkhudaryan (From makhno groep), Mikheil Mirzoian (From makhno groep), A. Smoldovsk, Aleksandr Gromov (Adjutant), Aleksandr Kusikov, Zaal Terishvili

So called "Red Devils", a tiny group of daredevil red army youngsters capture Makhno, the famous counter revolutionary commander and present him to Marshall Budioni. Makhno attempts escape but the local peasants capture him again. Meanwhile, Makhnos’s gang keep vandalizing Savur Mogila village. "Red Devils" dressed as Makho men try to integrate into the bunch but they fail and are captured. The anarchists make a decision to send them to the gallows…

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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