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Vin aris damnashave ? (1925)
Who Is the Guilty?

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Feature Film , Mute/Drama, 11 Part, 2836 Meter (110 Minutes) 
JSC "Sakhkinmretsvi"
The first display on the screen was held 25.12.1925 Year

Director: Aleqsandre Tsutsunava
Screenplay: Aleqsandre Tsutsunava
Director of Photography: Sergei Zabozlaev
Production Design: Dimitri Shevardnadze    

Siko, a young peasant, wants to get better off. He joins a group of horsemen and sets forth to America to become a cowboy of the Wild West. When Siko returns back home he learns that his son is dead and that his wife had been impregnated by his neighbor. Siko’s disgraced wife Pati drowns herself in the river. Siko’s mother asks him to get married again but Siko puts his house on fire and dies in the arson.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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