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Suramis tsikhe (1922)
The Suram Fortress

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Feature Film , Mute/Drama, 6 Part, 1800 Meter (65 Minutes) 
The first display on the screen was held 16.11.1923 Year

Director: Ivane Perestiani
Screenplay: Ivane Perestiani
Director of Photography: Boris Zavelev
Production Designs: Evgeni Lansere, Valerian Sidamon–eristavi, K. Tiri, V. Akishni    
Cast: Amo Bek-Nazarov (Durmishkhani), Mikheil Chiaureli (Osman Aga), Tamar Sakvarelidze (Vardua), Tatiana Maqsimova (Gaiane), L. Galustian (Zurabi), Nino Dolidze (Nino), Olga Maisuryan (Mother of Nino and Osman Aqa), Shalva Dadiani (Count Tsereteli), N. Odankevich (Prince Mukhraneli), Vanda Polikevich (Princess Mukhraneli), Emmanuil Afkhaidze (Messenger), Valerian Gunia (Minister), Giorgi Davitashvili (Count Tsereteli), Alisa Qiqodze, Zaqaria Berishvili, Erasti Bilanishvili

Durmishkhan who’s in love with maid Vardua craves to marry her but first he has to free himself from serfdom. To earn some money he agrees to work for rich Osman Agha. He succeeds and becomes rich pretty soon but forgets about Vardua and his promise. Her revenge is merciless: turning herself into a prominent clairvoyant she suggests the local prince that the only way to build the continuously dilapidating wall of the Surami fortress it is needed to sacrifice Durmishkhan’s only son Zurab.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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